Reasons I Don’t Blog

As is quite obvious to the three or four people who may have been to my blog, I don’t blog very often. I seem to go through phases where I will blog once a week or so for a month then go months without even looking at my page. I was thinking this morning about why I don’t blog, even when I have ideas for post, then realized, why not make it a post!

  1. Photos – I don’t like posting with photos. I don’t know why, it’s just a thing. A lot of the time my posts are mostly photos. I have been wanting to do a post about the concert I went to June 20th but I just don’t want to spend the time cropping and resizing them. Seems like such a small thing but I don’t seem to have the attention span to do it. This is probably the biggest reason a lot of my posts don’t get done. The other problem is when I want to blog about something and I don’t have the picture
  2. Words
  3. – There are many times when I start typing but lose interest part way through or dislike the way it sounds. I have a bunch of drafts that are only one paragraph. Sometimes I get one sentence in and lose interest or motivation. I have one post right now with the title “Wholey Crap A Blog Post” with the sentence “I couldn’t think of a title, but I think I’ve actually figured out something I’d like to do with this blog”, that’s it. I don’t even know what I meant by that anymore and it was only two weeks ago that I wrote it.

  4. Confidence
  5. – Basically I think everything I write sounds stupid. I’ve always had confidence issues, so it’s not really surprising. A lot of the time I think I’m writing too much. This is one that I’m working on. Maybe that was part of the point of the post I mentioned in the point before this. I want to make this blog somewhere I feel comfortable saying whatever I want. We’ll see how that goes.

  6. Laziness
  7. – This is the root of all of my problems. I’m too lazy. It’s pretty simple really. In most cases, with most things, if I can get myself started I’m good, but getting started is the hard part. The fact that I got this post started and kept going is a feat (in the smallest sense of the word). Part of it is also working full time, when I get home it’s basically dinner time and then I just want to relax.

I really do have so many post ideas and I really do want to be a blogger (even if it’s only my friends that read it). I’ve thought about just letting it go, but there’s no harm in holding onto my blog even if it’s not getting used. Maybe one of these days I’ll go through a phase that’s longer than three weeks and get some quality posts up. Who knows. For now I’m not committing to anything. But hey, I got a blog post up so that’s something right?

Unhappy Manhattan

I love music and a big part of music for my is lyrics. While listening to Manhattan by Sara Bareilles I realized it sounded kind of familiar. I thought maybe it was a cover, but the words weren’t quite what I thought they should be. Then I figured it out…Norah Jones also has a song about Manhattan. They are both sad songs (which, if I ever get into the habit of posting here and you decide to come back and read more, will not be very surprising) about the end of a relationship. The difference: One is says “you can have Manhattan” the other says “I’ll go back to Manhattan”. They both have a similar feel. And I love them both.

I’m not a car person, but…

…I totally want a Mini. I’m not sure when it started, I’ve wanted one for a while. Not in a serious way really, I just think they’re cute and I like that they look different in a world where cars are starting to all look the same.

A few weeks ago we went to the Edmonton Motor Show. No reason, we just enjoy trade shows. This was the first year that the Mini Cooper area wasn’t in a corner and crowded with people. I had sat in one a couple years ago (I have a really blurry photo to prove it) and seem to remember it feeling kind of cramped. When we found the Minis this time the first one I sat in was the Mini Cooper S and again I felt very cramped. I didn’t sit in it very long and I probably could have moved the seat down more, but width-wise it just felt tight.

2015 Mini Cooper

My awesome memory can’t remember if the second one I sat in was the Countryman but I did sit in the regular Mini Cooper. Right after I sat down and shut the door I fell in love. It was so comfortable to sit in! It’s hard to describe what exactly made it comfortable since I was only in it a few minutes. The seats were lower to the floor than in our current car (VW City Golf) but not so low that it felt like sitting on the ground. I even checked out prices after we got home and have been mulling it over. So far I have no plans to get one, but who knows.

Other than the mini I’ve only ever really liked one of the older Ferraris (we missed the room with all the ‘exotic’ cars when we went so I didn’t see any Ferraris) and the Chevy Corvette, but I have no desire to own either one. I did enjoy looking at the yellow Corvette at the Motor Show.


Another cool thing we saw at the car show:

Coca-Cola Trailer

If I had won the lottery I totally would have bought that Coca-Cola trailer and truck.

Happy Record Store Day!

Who doesn’t love vinyl? Well, to be honest I was indifferent about it until I moved in with R. But now I have about a dozen records of my own (maybe more) and hopefully will be adding another one or two today. So Happy Records Store day!


(just a side note, that George Michael record on top of the pile in the picture is not mine…there are nine Disney records on the bottom of the pile that are mine. That was just our haul from the Vinyl garage sale a couple weeks ago)/

I am obviously not a blogger

But I want to be. I just have a short attention span and think too much when I’m trying to write a post. My plan for this year was to post once a week, that seemed achievable…or not. Every time I’ve tried to write a post I get three or four sentences in and either get stuck or distracted.

I use to love writing. Granted it was creative writing, which is a lot different than blog post writing. I do want to share with those interested or at least use my blog as an obsession outlet. I want it to be something.

I will grant myself a little slack, it’s not like I’ve been doing nothing all those hours I could have been blogging. I cook dinner almost every night (by choice, I actually enjoy it much of the time). I’ve had a visit from a friend I don’t see often that took up a whole weekend. Work combined with my commute, which is almost an hour and a half long, makes for a long day so there is some needed computerless rest. And then there’s all the Agents of Shield I had to catch up on (but that is for another post…hopefully) and Legend of Zelda gaming while listening to Songza. There’s been a little bit of crocheting in there too, but not much lately.

Maybe I’m just in winter hibernation mode (which involves a lot of comfy pants, cardigans and curling up in my chair). Whatever the case, I’m not giving up. I have three draft posts in the works and at least one other post I want to do. But who knows what life will bring. The most important thing is that I’m happy and content with my life right now.

Now here’s a picture of a squirrels butt, because every blog post needs a picture.


Zelda Challenge – Beginning of the Legend

Last weekend I started my personal challenge to play all of the Legend of Zelda games in the order they were released 1. Of course the first game is The Legend of Zelda, originally released on the NES in 1987 2. I am playing the virtual console version as I cannot at this time justify buying the cartridge.


I’ve played this game many times, and remember enjoying watching my Grandpa play it when I was young as well. That being the case, I remember where all the dungeons are and most of the secrets. I also apparently have a routine when I begin the game of getting the wooden sword (because it’s dangerous to go alone) and then going north from that first screen. Always north. I don’t know why, it’s just what I do.

In the dungeons there are a few things that I habitually do. First, I have to go to every single room on the map. I also like to kill every enemy in each room, although apparently the need to do this eventually goes away around dungeon 6. At this point I am on dungeon 8…or did I beat dungeon 8…I can’t remember now. There are so many things said by the random old men and women that never made sense to me until now. It’s very weird to think back on being confused by things like “Master using it and you can have this.” (as a kid I was trying to figure out who the Master was) and “There are secrets where fairies don’t live.” And those blocks at the beginning of every dungeon, I only recently realized they were actually dragons and possibly some kind of fish gargoyle, not just randomly coloured squares.


I do hope that the result of all of this Zelda gaming will result in me getting all of the games played before the new one comes out (or at least before I buy the new one).But in the end I am having fun and that is all that matters!


  1. This only includes canon games released on the Nintendo consoles
  2. In North America

Teaser Tuesday

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Anyone can play along! Just do the following:

• Grab your current read
• Open to a random page
• Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)
• Share the title & author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!

My teaser is from Lamb by Christopher Moore.

The angel has confided in me that he is going to ask the Lord if he can become Spider-Man. He watches television constantly, even when I sleep, and he has become obsessed with the story of the hero who fights demons from rooftops.”

It was surprisingly hard to find two sentences on one page that could express the humour in this book, but I giggled at this line. There has been laughing out loud (and stifling of laughter when in public) while reading this book. I believe this may be my favourite Christopher Moore book. Or tied for first with Fool…I can’t quite decide. Still a third to go and enjoying every page!

Things to Attempt in 2015

I created a Pinterest board last year called ‘Things to Attempt in 2014″. I didn’t do any of them (except starting the 52 week savings challenge which only last about a month an a half before I quit). I figure it never hurts to try again and so I have a new board for 2015.


Follow Carla’s board Things to Attempt in 2015 on Pinterest.

Currently there are nine things pinned to this board: (in no particular order, although #9 is the one I really hope I accomplish)

1. Snowshoeing – This is something we wanted to try some time this winter. So far it has not happened, it hasn’t been a great winter for that around here (lots of warming and melting). Still plan on trying it eventually.

2. Night-time photography – I’ve done a little of this in the past, but not seriously. My hope is that there will be enough camping this summer that I get to dabble more this summer.

3. Start one of my photography projects – There are a few ideas I’ve had to do a series of photos. I am very lazy when it comes to my photography and I’m hoping that by choosing one of the projects it might kick start

4. 26 Books to read in 2015 – I won’t be able to do all 26 (what with my ‘only reading books I already own’ resolution) but I’m going to see how many books I have that will fit the categories, mostly because lists are fun.

5. 30 Days of Lists – I just found this recently and it sounds like fun. I like lists.

6. Finish my blanket – This is going to happen…probably after many months of instagram photos and bitching on twitter.

7. 52 Week Home Organizing challenge – I’ve already technically failed this one as I’ve only done one of the challenges (kitchen drawers), but I’m going to keep the list and see if I can eventually get

8. 52 Week Money Saving Challenge – Never hurts to try this. This year I’m just picking whichever amount I feel like putting in every week rather than following the numbers. So far so good!

9. Play all Legend of Zelda games – This is a brand new one I just added this past weekend. I’ve started playing QuizUp and was slightly bothered by my lack of knowledge on the subject of Legend of Zelda. Really this is just an excuse to get to play all the games again.

If I complete a few of these I will be happy, if I attempt all of them I will be happier. And I may add more things as the year goes on. Do you have any plans for 2015?

My One Resolution for 2015

I’m not really one for resolutions, though I always make one up for the fun of it. This year I’m actually going to try and stick to my resolution, even though it is going to be extremely difficult for me. I have resolved to only read books I already own…and not buy any more books this entire year.

It’s only been a month and so far I’m not freaking out, but I do look longingly at every bookstore I see. I love books. I love reading them, I love having them, I love shopping for them. I made a stack of books I own but have not yet read by quickly scanning my messy book shelves and have at least 30. I didn’t count. I also know I missed quite a few.

Some of the books I own but have not read

Some of the books I own but have not read

All that being said, just because I can’t buy them doesn’t mean I can’t buy them for other people. Or that other people can’t buy them for me. I have a feeling I will be asking for nothing but books for Christmas this year.

Do you make resolutions?

Work-in-Progress Wednesday

While I find my blogging groove there will probably a few meme-type posts every month. This time I’m going to go with one my friend Grace does (although she has way more to write about that I do). My work-in-progress is my Irish Shamrocks Afghan (click here for pattern from Mom’s Love of Crochet). If you follow me on instagram you’ll have seen pictures of the blanket (and my pirate sheep hook, which I still love, thank you Grace!) and you will no doubt see many more.


I have a thing for Ireland (and Celtic) things. I can’t remember how I found this pattern, there’s a good chance I just googled Irish crochet, but I’m so happy I did. It is the first pattern I started that was a bit more complicated than just rows. I worked on it for a while and then decided to make a shawl for my cousin’s wedding. After I finished that I think I kind of took a bit of a break from crochet (that shawl was a pain) and then I decided to make some crochet gifts for Christmas. It’s been a long time since I did any work on it until this past week.

Now I am determined to get it done (or at least a good chunk of it done) before I pick up another project. So far I’m about 25 rows in, not even halfway through. Looking forward to getting it completed, but there’s still a long way to go. I’m really just glad that I got back into my rhythm over Christmas and am enjoying crocheting.

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