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It’s The Most Wonderful Time…



I think I picked a terrible time to start my blog. I’ve already missed a week (my goal was one post a week) and I have zero motivation, time and brain power to be able to write posts. I accepted a promotion at work and have been doing nothing but learning for the last two weeks. It has left me mentally exhausted, but happy that I took the offer.

And so, just to get something up here, I took some photos of my tree. It’s the only thing decorated in my livingroom. The village is still in the boxes, there are no lights on my windows (the outside ones are up at least). I did put the advent calendars and my tea advent calendar string up in the kitchen. I’m sad how little I have done, but at the same time I just can’t do it. All the important stuff is done so I am content.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful December!

Oh, and one more thing… Welcome to the world Alexiel!

Just Me


Welcome to Ever Changing.

Rather than spend too much time thinking I’m just going to jump right into a post about me. First, this site is not yet finished, but I had set myself a December 1st date for opening it (mostly so I can do Christmas posts…that’s probably the first thing to warn you about, I LOVE Christmas) so hopefully making this first deadline will spur me on with my next goal, which is posting at least once a week.

As my tagline says (for now anyways) I have geekish obsessions, which currently include (in no particular order): Doctor Who (and many other BBC shows), musicals, history podcasts, and Legend of Zelda. I would like to add here that when I say ‘obsession’ it is a bit of an overstatement. It is not, as the definition on the Oxford Dictionary Site states, something that I think about all the time “to a troubling extent”, but just things that I enjoy enough to think about a lot and in some cases buy lots of related fan stuff.


Other than the Colecovision I have only ever played Nintendo console games. Legend of Zelda is my favourite but I do enjoy all of the Mario games as well. And some others of course. I have no desire to own a Playstation or Xbox and I don’t want my video games to look as real as possible. I want a fantasy world with made up creatures and places.

As for the rest, I do love to crochet and there will probably be a lot of posting about that, especially after Christmas when I can finally post some photos of the gifts I’ve been making. I am a photographer and have a separate little place for my more ‘serious’ photographer called <a href=”” target=”new”>Frame for Thought</a>, but there will most definitely be a lot of photos and probably some camera talk on this blog.

Well I think that’s all. Oh wait. Also books.


Lots and lots of books.


(I really love books)